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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


This a first post in series. This is for my own benefit just as it is for you...

IN LA I've found several places that have WIFI and can still be considered a good place to chill.

WIFI= free (not the TMOBILe, ATT, Wayport Crap)

Internet should be free for everyone. Especially if you go to coffeeshops and or anyplace where the atmosphere is about chilling out. Starbucks has no excuse for not providing free wifi. Neither does coffee bean.

with that said the Starbucks or coffeebeans I list have some nearby free source.

-Starbucks in downtown corner of 6th and Grand.
if you dont mind the crazies and the greenpeace canvasers its all good

-Central (public library)
nice cafe inside. The whole place is pretty cool. all wired

As far as i can tell these are the only two places ive found thus far.

stay fresh and stay independent.


Monday, September 18, 2006 its been awhile. First let me start by saying the world is a weird place. But not weird as in strange, more like the people make it a weird place. No one thinks or they don't want to think. I live in san diego now. I don't very much care for this place. Mostly because everyone is retarded when they drive. No common sense. Granted, it seems there are fewer accidents here than in LA or SF BUT it doesnt justify the overall stupidity. So whats the point of this rant? Well the way people drive is a reflection of their overall personality. If people are polite drivers usually they are polite people. And of course common courtesy is the biggest judge in this issue.

well...just getting back into it...ill have more later..

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Its 1130am on a Saturday in San Francisco. Three weeks till finals and Im sitting in the computer lab. You would think that an institute for higher learning would respect the fact that most students are in the "cruch time"

Not at the Academy of Art University... Instead of allowing the students to work undisturbed they choose this day to have an "open House." A hundred stupid people walk through the lab and Gawk at students as they try to work. Looking over their shoulders...trying to look like they dont want to bother the students. When in fact they are obviously a disturbance. Its a crying shame how the academy spends so much money on recruitment rather than facility upkeep. The Fact that they show the 3d Animation and Visual effects department off the most is a travesty. They try to bring so many students here, but once they are here they are screwed. The teachers that can actually teach let alone those that know what they are teaching is minimal at best. The rest either suck or don't care resulting in a blindly ignorant student body. Most of these students are different from the rest of academia in the sense they know what they want to learn and they come here with a solid sense of direction. The Academy destorys that direction with its over-priced tuiton, lack of knowledgable teachers, and an adminstration that hears one word CHa-ching. If a student has a problem the academy doesnt care. If many students have a problem the academy doesnt care. If a whole department of the academy has a problem the academy still doesnt care. Why is that? Well...absolute power of course. This school had an opprotunity to do something that has never been done in recent history. Become a true academy for the arts and entertainment. Intsead its a money machine for one individual. Elisa Stephans...the model of corrupted absolute power...

more to come on this...for now my rant is finished...

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Absolute Power

Everyone, I'm sure, has heard the saying "Absolute power corrupts absolutely..." The surface defination is pretty obvious. Or, maybe its a little more complex than that. Bad men will do bad things. Is there such thing as a bad man? Is evil and all things countrary to "good" really something that is easily defined. The real meaning behind "absolute power" isn't that power is possesed and then corrupts. Its the individual that corrupts the power. And once the power is corrupted it will corrupt everyone and everything associated with it. Its an absolute chain that spawns events and other chains of events that become, ultimately, so powerful that it is the only power left.
So the new question is can we save the power once its been corrupted and before it becomes absolute...